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May 10, 2019 @ 1:00 am

Episode 1: Mediumship and Spiritual Life Coaching with Kathy Hawn

Join your hostess Dawna Kreis for this debut episode of The Pause, an energetic pause and fireside chat on spiritually related topics.


This week, Dawna's guest is Kathy Hawn, a spiritual life coach with K & K Inspirations.


Kathy talks with us about what she does as a spiritual life coach, how she came to pursue such livelihood, as well as things we can do to further our own spiritual path.


You can connect with Kathy and her business partner Kate Walter (who will join us in a future episode of The Pause) on Facebook.


Next week, our guest will be Master Healer, Teacher, and Motivational Speaker Karen Dugan of Spirit of the Sands.


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