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July 12, 2019 @ 12:00 am

Episode 8: The Best of Season One

This week's episode brings Season One to a close. As such, I decided we needed to highlight the best bits from previous episodes.

  • Kate Walter's woo-woo, wake up call (literally)

  • Kathy Hawn's dream and connection with her mom
  • The moment that Astra met her BFF at the age 5
  • Karen Dugan's feelings of being "different" and "that time" when she made all the pendulums in the shop swing
  • A perspective from a different generation from Sandhan
  • Tina Hayden's health challenge turned into growth and an opportunity to be of assistance to others
  • Synchronicity that led Laura Young to a love of labyrinths as well as healing experiences for herself and others.

This episode concludes season one. If you would like updates or to keep connected with us throughout our brief break, you can subscribe to our newsletter or connect with us on Facebook

We hope you enjoyed this season and will join us again next season.

Thanks for listening!


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July 5, 2019 @ 5:05 pm

Holiday Break

Well, hello there! Looking for this week's episode? I'm glad you dropped by. It's always good to see you! This week we're taking a rare 4-day weekend due to the holiday here in the States. I do promise to be back with a new episode next week, though! Until that time, may you and yours be well!

Chat with you again soon!


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